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21 Aug

Corrupted Apache2.dll File - How to Fix

How Can You Fix Apache2.dll Error by Yourself?

Download Apache2.dll Error Fixer Now

Is Apache2.dll a safe file or process?

A DLL error is any error with a DLL file - a kind of file ending in the DLL file extension. DLL errors can appear in any of Microsoft's operating systems including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

DLL errors are especially troublesome because there are so many of these types of files in existence, all with the potential to cause trouble. Luckily, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take that have a great chance of fixing any DLL error you might have.

Apache2.dll Error Description

File name: Apache2.dll

File version: 5.10.1

Size: 29,328

Manufacturer: perl.org

Product Name: Perl for Windows

File Description: Apache2.dll module for Perl

File Version: 5.10.1

Internal Name: Apache2.dll

File MD5: 4979b141e3640b9b110a2f9b95cb6e3f

Typically, Apache2.dll error appear for one of three reasons:

  1. Program files have been corrupted, often during installation if e.g. an antivirus program has blocked Apache2.dll due to suspicion (often false positives).
  2. Apache2.dll has been removed when uninstalling another program or manually by accident.
  3. Recommended solution to fix Apache2.dll error

    Remove malware in your computer system

    It's possible that your Apache2.dll error may be caused by a computer malware in your computer. Those computer malware can damage, modify or even delete your files like Apache2.dll. Moreover, it's also possible that this Apache2.dll error is fabricated by the malware to frighten and coax you into purchasing its fake products. You can download an anti-virus utility to wipe them out. I recommend Norton. I have used it for over ten years and I know it can also help you.

    Windows Updates will fix bugs in your system

    Microsoft often releases many service packs and patches to replace and improve some of Windows system files that may be related to Apache2.dll file. You know viruses often attack files or systems that are outdated. That is why we should keep our system updated. Sometimes, your Apache2.dll error may be fixed easily after you install all latest Windows updates.

    For Windows 8 Users

    Hold Windows key + X and then click Control panel

    For Windows 7 and Vista Users:

    Click Start button and click Control Panel
    Click Check for updates
    Click install updates after the scan

    Possible Apache2.dll Error Messages

    • "Apache2.dll cannot be found."
    • "This program can't start because Apache2.dll is missing from your computer."
    • "Apache2.dll is missing."
    • "There was a problem starting [path]\Apache2.dll. The specified module could not be found."
    • "Runtime Error. Apache2.dll pure virtual function call."
    • "Access Violation File [path]\Apache2.dll"
    • "Unable to launch the software located at path: [path]\Apache2.dll"
    • "This application requires the file Apache2.dll, which was not found on this system."

    How to Fix Apache2.dll Error?

    Download Apache2.dll Error Fixer Now

    Failed to Fix it by Yourself?

    In case the above methods could not help you fix your Apache2.dll problem, please contact us via email with the screen shot of your Apache2.dll error pop-up and describe how you got this error and the solutions you've tried if any.Outlook error 0x800300fd,Outlook error 0x80040115,Outlook error 0x80040154 How to Fix Outlook error messages,How to Fix Outlook errors,How to Fix Outlook error 0x8004102a,How to Fix Outlook error 0x80070021asus driver NVIDIA Forceware XP 64 asus com Sundance Technology Inc Surecom Technology Corp asus support N1996 Board Driver Asus Driver Update Nokia Display Products NVidia Corp driver download Elitegroup Computer Systems Elsa asus driver download Install and Update Drivers in Your PC Step 3.jpg Asus Driver Update ADS Technologies Inc Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
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