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02 Jun

High CPU Usage? How to Fix it?

Published by Jack

high cpu usage
high cpu usage

The CPU (Core Processing Unit) is the brain of your computer. CPU usage refers to your computer's processor and how much work it's doing.

A high reading means your computer is running at the maximum level or above normal level for the number of applications running.

Slow performance, freezing and shutdowns are all symptoms of high CPU use.
To check CPU usage

Open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and then go to Task List. Hit the Performance tab. The screen below should appear showing the CPU usage on your computer.
windows task manager

Typically, your processor usage shouldn't go over 50% unless using large applications such as video games or media editing programs.

If your computer performs slowly and displays a high CPU usage percentage in the task manager, there is an underlying problem that is causing the processor to run at such an extreme speed. A CPU constantly running at a high level is not normal.
How High CPU Usage May Be Caused
Running too many applications at once

Many CPU issues are because of an overload of processes running, and too little resources to handle all of them.

You need to find which processes are clogging up your computer's performance and remedy them.

You can download a program such as System Optimizer which can help you find out the programs which are giving you a high CPU use reading.
Not enough virtual memory

You may need to change your computer's virtual memory settings.
Other reasons are:

Overheating/Poor ventilation
Virus/Malware infections
Out-of-date drivers

If these don't solve the problem our Knowhow Repairs service may be able to help you.
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